The key principle of our business:

We handle each case as our own

About us

Best Advice & Co is a bar association with a history of 11 years. It was founded by Russian attorneys-in-law, who have more than 20 years of experience of protecting the interests of their clients in the most hard and complicated cases and situations.

We are a boutique company that provides the entire range of legal services. We aim at providing practical and economically feasible legal services to Russian and international private companies, organizations, financial institutions, state and non-profit organizations and other enterprises and individuals.

We sincerely believe in what we are doing, and we know that we are fully committed to this. You will find the confirmation to our words in the brochure, in which we have gathered all our main achievements.

Our main principles







Our mission

The mission of Best Advice & Co is to resolve any legal situation with the maximal benefit for the client, to help and offer clients the opportunity to make effective business decisions that would allow them to achieve high financial and reputational indicators and effectiveness in investments, as well as to increase the value and image of their companies.

Based on the high quality and professionalism of legal assistance provided and innovative legal decisions, including those acquired from personal business experience, clients who entrust their business to us can be sure in the best outcome and can continue to create proactive strategies, effectively develop their business.

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